Where Joe Burrow ranks against Tua Tagovailoa in recent NFL jersey sales

Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow jerseys are flying off the shelves.

We knew this right after the draft because the team’s pro shop was open for the number of orders already ordered.

But it’s interesting to think of the context in relation to the NFL as a whole. Where does Burrow rank among the other big league scenarios? Especially against Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady?

Lucky for us, we can go to NFL Shop and sort by best selling. There, Burrow ranks in the top 10 sellers and has three top 16 jerseys.

Now, in the interest of being perfectly transparent, Tagovailoa shuns the competition, even overtaking Brady given he has outright the top two sellers:

Big deal? Not really – Burrow plays for a smaller team along with a ton of other stars like Geno Atkins, Joe Mixon and AJ Green, to name a few. You would think its sales could be a bit lower.

That said, Burrow will have plenty of jerseys out in the wild in Ohio this year and beyond, not to mention a lot among LSU fans.

Looks like it’s been a long time since the Bengals had one of the top 10 sellers, let alone three in the top 20. Burrow should be a goods mover.

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