What to do if the bank rejects the loan application? We show solutions.

Most customers fail at least once in the lending of the house bank. However, this does not mean that other credit institutions will assess the loan application in the same way.

People whose application has been rejected do not have to give up hope

People whose application has been rejected do not have to give up hope

From personal loans to schufa-free loans to optimizing the loan request, there are many ways to fulfill your wish. The basis for this is to find out why the first loan application was rejected.

Often a negative entry in the Schufa statement leads to a rejection of the loan. Therefore, anyone who plans to take out a loan, should first ask the Schufa a personal information.

Common reasons for rejecting a loan

Common reasons for rejecting a loan

Since 2010, it costs the consumer nothing, as long as the own information is requested only once a year. Sometimes such outdated or false entries come to light that the consumer is not to blame. If so, he can alert the Shufa to the wrong entries and demand their removal. Submitting a new application is usually much more successful.

A problem can also be the score value (Wikipedia definition). It is calculated according to a peer group that does not reflect the actual financial position of the applicant. Anyone who does not receive a loan should consult their case officer and explain the situation to them. Regular income and possible collateral should be emphasized.

If the Schufa information is rightly not perfect, lending is already more difficult. It may be useful, together with the administrator of the house bank, to work out options that nevertheless make it possible to award the loan. Opportunities include, for example, guarantors or other additional collateral for the bank.

Alternative: schufa-free loan


Employees with a regular income can apply for a schufa-free loan abroad and get a commitment relatively easily.

Foreign credit institutions do not examine the Schufa, but consider the income as the best security.

Since they can often only be obtained through mediation, intermediary fees for the loan without Schufa may be more expensive.

Even at higher risk, for example, because the lucrative income just barely sufficient, the interest will be more expensive.

In addition, at least consumer credit is often not awarded for amounts over € 5,000 and are thus, for example, hardly for home purchase or other major purchases. In such cases, debt-free foreign currency loans can help. However, these are very speculative and are therefore primarily suitable for experienced investors who deal regularly with foreign exchange trading.