What Scott Frost said as Nebraska prepares for Wisconsin with suitable personnel

Grant Bricker | 10 hours ago

Nebraska made a shocking move, sacking most of its offensive staff as a result of Scott Frost’s restructured contract.

The Cornhuskers, however, quickly filled in the gaps with interim coaches. The Running backs coach will be Ron Brown. Frank Verducci will coach the offensive line. Stever Cooper will work with quarterbacks and Mike Cazano will coach wide receivers for the remainder of the season.

Now the Cornhuskers are considering their first game for the new squad against the Wisconsin No.18. The Badgers are currently on a 6-game winning streak, with their last loss to No.14 Michigan in Week 4.

Nebraska’s last game was a 26-17 loss to the Ohio State No.5 in Week 11. The Cornhuskers were in the game until the fourth quarter when the Buckeyes scored. 46 yards with 1:29 to play. the game.

Adrian Martinez put in a good performance, but his 248 passing yards and 1 touchdown weren’t enough to complete the upheaval.

Nebraska haven’t beaten Wisconsin since the 2012 regular season. The Badgers have won 7 straight games against the Cornhuskers, and they actually started the streak in the same 2012 season by beating them in the Championship game. B1G.

Frost spoke about the new contract, his new staff, and more at his press conference.

Here’s what the Nebraska head coach had to say:

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