Von Miller has an 11-year-old Bills hat as the team planned to draft him

The Buffalo Bills and Von Miller were destined to be in 2011, but the Denver Broncos rushed in.

In that year’s draft, Buffalo selected defensive tackle Marcell Dareus third overall. A forward pick, Miller went to the Broncos.

During his introductory press conference in Orchard Park, Miller revealed up until the day before the draft, Miller thought he was going to the Bills. This entire offseason, everyone knew quarterback Cam Newton would be the No. 1 Carolina Panthers.

The Broncos then warned him late and he was quite surprised.

“I’ve been a big Bills fan for a long time. I thought I was going to be a Buffalo Bill when I first got drafted,” Miller said in March. “Denver came out of nowhere the day before the draft.”

Athletic introduced the signing of Miller to Buffalo this spring. The draft day topic returned, and Miller added a cute little nugget that further detailed how he felt about the Bills.

Obviously, Miller was so certain he would end up in Buffalo that he practiced before the draft wearing a Bills hat:

On a shelf in Miller’s childhood bedroom is a cap with a blue buffalo and a red stripe. The cork has been there for 11 years.

In 2011, Miller was confident he would be taken by the Bills with the third pick in the draft. He wore the cap while training to prepare for the NFL combine. The day before the draft, when he heard the Broncos were planning to take him with the second pick, he was stunned. He put the cork on the shelf, where it has been all these years.

And we have an additional note. Hindsight is 20/20.

Dareus didn’t turn out the way many had hoped. He recently had a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens but didn’t sign with the team and Dareus hasn’t played in the NFL since 2019.

Evidently, then-Buffalo assistant general manager Doug Whaley said the team planned to draft Miller until the plan was foiled.

But who really knows.

“We definitely would have taken it,” Whaley said.

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