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The Troy Trojans football team will hold their second fall practice scrimmage on Saturday, August 20, as part of their annual Fan Day event.

Troy enters the second scrimmage after adding a new quarterback to the roster of former West Virginia and Western Kentucky signal caller Jarret Doege, news The messenger broken Thursday.

“When he decided to go into the transfer portal, we got to where we are as a team and we had an open purse,” Sumrall said. “We were sitting in a vacant spot and I felt like I had the opportunity to add someone who’s been in this position for so long and had the productivity that he could add to the job. value to our football team and our roster.”

Doege comes to Troy after spending the spring and first part of fall camp in Western Kentucky, which is also a 2022 opponent on Troy’s schedule. Doege comes to Troy as an active FBS leader in career passing yards (10,494) and touchdowns (79). He earned Big XII honors in 2020 in West Virginia and was also ranked second in pasing in the Big XII in 2020 and 2021. He also finished his WVU career No. 5 on the school’s achievement list .

Sumrall pointed to his quarterbacks’ lack of experience as a key reason for bringing in Doege.

“We really felt like this was an opportunity where we felt we would help strengthen our team in terms of our positioning, hopefully for 13 or 14 games this year,” Sumrall said. “I think everyone knows we had quarterback competitions here and all of these guys did certain things really well.

“To be completely transparent, I believe everyone in this quarterback room has the opportunity to be a very good player for us, but the only current quarterback on our team who has played in a football game. of Division I was Gunnar (Watson).”

With redshirt freshmen Quayde Hawkins and Peter Costelli, as well as real-life freshman Tucker Kilcrease, all vying for the quarterback job with Watson, Sumrall said the addition of Doege could also help Trojans not have to throw a younger player into a game before they’re ready.

“For us, being able to add that experience to that group of positions just gives us a more stable environment so that we don’t have to push someone into action before they’re quite ready,” he said. underline. “We think all of these guys are going to be great players for us, but it’s just as much about allowing us to not force someone to be forced into action before they’re ready.”

Sumrall also spoke with his quarterbacks before making the decision to sign Doege.

“When you’re talking about bringing in a quarterback with experience like that so late, there are really a few things that need to be discussed,” Sumrall continued. “One of the main things is how do the guys who are on our current roster – who we care deeply about and invest fully in development – ​​think about it?

“We have to make sure they understand the why because they matter, who is in our team at the moment matters more than anyone outside of our team to me. I wanted to make sure I had a chance to sit down with each of these young men before I made anything final and let them know why it was necessary. They all get it, we have some quality young men on this team and I think the other guys in this quarterback room are aware that it makes sense to do this.

While an addition like Doege to the roster will surely increase competition at the position as fall practices continue, Sumrall also acknowledged that it could also benefit some of the young quarterbacks.

“Does that mean another quality guy in that room can make it harder for some of those guys? Of course that can make it harder for some guys to get on the court in this moment, but ultimately it’s about how we position the 2022 football team to be successful,” Sumrall said. “Jarret has played a lot of football and he gives us another quality player who has experience to strengthen what we do here.

“If those young guys in the room use it the right way, it’s going to do nothing but help their development and maturation in how they improve their game to learn from another guy who’s done around the neighborhood a few times.”

Doege played for former Troy coach Neal Brown in West Virginia and Sumrall was on Brown’s staff at Troy. This connection also benefited Sumrall in assessing whether he should bring Doege to the Troy campus.

“Obviously I have a history with the staff that’s in West Virginia and I’m close friends with those guys,” Sumrall said. “So there was contact between me and that staff to make sure he was the kind of guy that would be suitable here.”

Doege finds himself in a situation where he now has to learn Troy’s offense just weeks before the season opener in order to have a chance to step onto the pitch.

“Without a doubt, there’s a learning curve in terms of us not running the exact same offense that he was in,” Sumrall said. “I think he has a bit of football in him and I’ve seen him do a lot in the building since he arrived yesterday.

“So I feel like he’s got a lot of catching up to do, but when you’ve played the number of snaps and have the amount of experience he needs to draw on, that probably gives him a curveball. learning a little easier than telling a guy he’s just brand new and hasn’t played college football yet.

Now all eyes are on Troy’s Fan Day Scrimmage this Saturday, which Sumrall says will feature more situational work. Sumrall said some of those situations will include the offense starting with a practice on the 2-yard line, two-minute drills, lots of special teams work, overtime and maybe even unforeseen situations.

“I might even throw in a few things that the coaches aren’t ready for, to see how we fit in as a staff,” Sumrall said. “They know most things to come, but I might add a couple of situations that we haven’t discussed as staff, just to see how we deal with sudden changes.

“We really try to connect to situational elements that I think are key for us to find our edge in having the ability to create the opportunity for us to win games. I think we have to be masters of the situation.

Fan Day begins at 11 a.m. and there will be free Conecuh dogs, drinks and signed team posters for fans in attendance. Fans will also be allowed onto the pitch after the scrum to take photos with the players.

“We are thrilled to see our fans,” Sumrall said. “One of the greatest things about Troy University and Troy University Football is that we have the best fanbase in the Sun Belt Conference, and our players are excited to engage and connect with them on Saturday. “

After Saturday’s scrimmage, the Trojans will turn their attention to Week 1 opponent Ole Miss.

“After this Saturday’s scrimmage, we’re going to start transitioning into Ole Miss,” Sumrall said. “We have been focused on (ourselves) since the start of camp and who will be the guys we take to the game with us.

“There have been calls that we like better against some opponents that we have worked with, but next week we will start transitioning even more. It will be good on good, but in a game week setup.

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