The Party prepares for kick-off in LA

LOS ANGELES – Driving through Century City Plaza on Thursday morning, we may not see it yet, but Talents Sports Resources‘ Michael Heller and Marc Rosen of Authentic Brands Group have a pretty clear picture in their minds.

Vision? The party of the year.

What do you want to know

  • The Super Bowl is about the events and activations leading up to the big game, almost as much as the kickoff itself
  • This year, Talent Resources Sports and Authentic Brands Group have teamed up to host SI: The Party, one of the biggest events of the weekend.
  • The annual party is a visual representation of the intersection of sport, business, lifestyle and culture
  • Hundreds of celebrities and athletes are expected with performances by Jack Harlow and Kygo

“Sports Illustrated is the one place where team owners, athletes, agents, brands, media and, of course, fans all come together,” Rosen said. “And it’s going to be the biggest party of the weekend.”

If you know the Super Bowl, you also know the parties leading up to it. The sporting event brings together some of the best athletes, celebrities and fans in the world.

Big Game Weekend has become something of a mecca for celebrations, activations and events leading up to Sunday night’s kickoff.

For 15 years now, Sports Illustrated: The Party has been a visual representation of it all.

Ask Heller, the CEO of Talent Resourcesa group that helps bridge the gap for brands by developing Super Bowl activations and also helps organize the annual event.

“I don’t consider it just a party,” Heller explained. “The party represents the separate elements of all these things coming together.

“Executives from different brands, celebrities from all over the world, TikTok influencers,” he continued. “It’s just kind of an amazing place where it’s all about happiness, people coming together to enjoy the weather, and people we’re strategically organizing.”

This year it will bring together some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. And because it’s in Los Angeles, it’s larger than life.

Located outdoors at Century City Plaza, SI: The Party will include multiple spaces.

These include:

  • a 50 foot red carpet
  • Tables and VIP huts in the quad
  • a brand activation space
  • an exclusive aperitif hosted by Tom Colicchio’s Craft restaurant
  • a live lineup featuring Jack Harlow and Kygo (plus a host of secret special guests)

It will be an unforgettable moment.

To put it, Heller and Rosen bring together dozens of brands and sponsors such as Dunkin Donuts, Patron Tequila, JBL and Kiswe Live, to name a few.

They all want to align themselves with a party like this for its experiential marketing potential and visibility. For ABG and Talent Resources, this evening is the highlight of the weekend for brands and tastemakers.

“There are few moments in the calendar more important than the Super Bowl,” Rosen explained. “It’s not just about football, it’s a great cultural moment, where entertainment, brands, lifestyle and the world of finance and entertainment come together under one roof.”

Plus, parties like this give an extra boost to the local economy.

“Right now, it’s so important to give back to the economy, to the state of California, and to all of these great suppliers that have been put on hold for these two years while COVID is ongoing,” Heller added. “We are hiring several thousand local catering, security, logistics and vendor staff.”

Coming out of a pandemic, the demand for a good party is there, with more than 2,000 people expected.

“We’re here in LA with an LA team playing and it doesn’t get any bigger than that,” Rosen said.

The Big Game Weekend will bridge the gap between sport, entertainment, culture and business, enlivened by an unforgettable party.

To buy your own tickets and tables, Click here.

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