Russia prepares to attack Kiev

Satellite images also indicate that the 40-mile column of tanks and other military vehicles – which was about 18 miles northeast of the city center – has now dispersed into local towns and forests, including including near Hostomel airport, which was the scene of intense fighting.

Russian attacks have also intensified. The city of Dnipro was hit for the first time since the invasion began, as invading forces were accused of blowing up a nursing home for the disabled near Kharkiv, which had 330 residents in inside.

Meanwhile, the flow of refugees intensifies. The UN Human Rights Council says 2.2 million people have fled the county and the number could rise to 4 million in the coming days.

Reporting by Standard’s David Cohen from the Polish-Ukrainian border. I can’t do the play or the stories of the people he spoke to fairly – I’d recommend reading the whole thing.

Back in London and the High Court ruled that the Metropolitan Police breached the rights of organizers of a vigil for Sarah Everard.

As our legal correspondent Tristan Kirk reports, the campaign group Reclaim these streets had planned a socially distanced rally on Clapham Common in the days following the abduction, rape and murder of 33-year-old Everard by Met PC Wayne Couzens.

But the event had to be called off when Scotland Yard insisted the leaders could face £10,000 fines for breaking Covid-19 rules. A spontaneous vigil was held on the Common, with the Duchess of Cambridge among those in attendance. The night, however, ended with Met Police officers pinning women to the ground as they sought to break up the rally.

In the commentary pages, London chef Olia Hercules writes that while Putin bombards Mariupol’s mothers and children, his beloved Ukraine rises.

Football correspondent Dan Kilpatrick says the long-awaited revival at Chelsea must shame the game for it to tackle sports washing.

Plus wrecks, worms and timber: Dr Adrian Glover on the scientific legacy of Shackleton’s Endurance.

Well, in what I like to think, it’s my less funny version of the joke that, between the books What They Really Teach You at Harvard Business Schooland What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business Schoolall human knowledge is found i bring you what to do in london this weekend vs what not to do and stay home and watch tv.

Have a nice week end.

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