Rob Lowe explains the NFL hat that inspired a meme

Rob Lowe has a great sense of timing whether or not he’s on camera.

The Parks and recreation an alum inspired a meme earlier this month when he attended the professional football NFC championship game, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, waving a hat to support … nor the neither. His hat touted the NFL.

“It was the best thing I ever did choosing this hat,” Lowe told Yahoo Entertainment. “First of all, I love the hat. It’s simple, I love this logo, it’s cool. Frankly, I had never seen a hat like this before. I didn’t even know you could get an NFL shield hat. So I was like “Oh, he’s a tough guy, I’m going to wear this”, and then it had the added benefit of not pissing anyone off. [division] in the stands, because I didn’t really have a dog in this fight.

Lowe is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, who had previously been knocked out of the Super Bowl.

By a happy coincidence, Lowe’s fashion choice made him the topic of internet conversation the very day of his show. 9-1-1: The Lone Star created on Fox, just after the game, for impressive notes.

“That’s what I love about the internet, is that people were so hilarious about it,” Lowe says with a laugh. “I mean, I always scroll through all the comments, because each one is more hilarious than the next.”

The actor said if the camera lens fell on him during the next big game, Super Bowl LIV, as he watched from the stands, people would love what they saw just as much. He also revealed his thoughts on which team will take the win.

“The San Francisco defense looks so good and they had two weeks to plan the game, to stop a guy and that’s [Kansas City Chiefs quarterback] Patrick Mahomes, who is a genius, ”says Lowe. “So I’m betting on San Francisco, but the good news is I love Mahomes, so I’m good anyway, but my hat’s going to be [on] a whole new level, I think.

This weekend, Lowe is hoping the hashtag #SkinInTheGame will grab some attention as well. Profile, the company behind its Cobalt line of skin and men’s care products will donate $ 1 to the Wounded Warrior Project, up to $ 25,000 in total, whenever someone posts a photo of them watching the game, using the hashtag and tag @CobaltByRobLowe, on social networks. A winner will also receive two tickets to one of Lowe’s shows and meet them backstage.

Lowe’s interest in the sport also extends to the NBA, and he has lived in Southern California for decades. So the death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on Sunday was heartbreaking for him, as it was for many celebrities and non-celebrities.

“I have met Kobe several times. I was a fan of him. It turned out he was a fan of Brothers and sisters, a show I did years ago, and he and Vanessa watched it every Sunday, he told me, ”Lowe says. “I’m a fan of him as a player, as a guy who thought beyond the basketball world, a guy who was probably almost getting almost more interesting and successful off the court than he was on the court. I mean, the guy has already won an Oscar. So he did such great things, he had such a beautiful family.

Lowe notes that Bryant was particularly beloved in Laker country.

“You can’t overstate what he meant for Los Angeles, especially for people of a certain age,” he says. “My boys are huge Kobe fans, and this is the first time they’ve ever faced loss in their lives. And so I saw my young children in their twenties devastated and learning this great lesson that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, and we have to go out and live and love as if there is no tomorrow, because there may not be. “

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