Real estate market: in 2019 sales in the city grew. And for the future

Significantly positive signs on the real estate market, in particular the one linked to luxury homes: a series of recent studies, starting from the Real Estate Market Observatory, to the Nomisma report, Good Finance Luxury Houses and the Tecnocasa Studies Group, show how for 2019 there was an increase in requests and trading activities, as well as a greater propensity on the part of banks to disburse mortgages, also due to a further fall in prices, which stood at -40 % compared to the II Semester of 2007.

The banks available to adopt particularly advantageous rates

The return of investors has made the banks available to adopt particularly advantageous rates, setting in motion the entire sector. At the national level, the number of residential sales was 528,862, an increase of over 18% compared to 2015.

The economic situation is starting to show lukewarm signs of recovery and is reflected on families through some important indicators, such as the increase in long-term exposure, such as the desire to purchase housing.

Luxury homes

Luxury homes

The increase in volume particularly affected large cities: over 30,000 transactions were made in Rome alone. Significant increases also in Turin, Verona, Bologna, Genoa and Milan.

The luxury homes have allowed, in addition to an increase in the sector, to outline a mapping of prestigious areas and the identification of new areas of development of the luxury residential sector in the big cities, particularly in Milan and Rome. In the Milanese area, the most requested areas are those limited to the Brera area, Castello and Indipendenza, with 180-200 square meters; in Rome, instead, they like the Historic Center and the Pinciano-Veneto.

The 2017 forecast for the real estate market


For 2017, while waiting for official data, the market for sales should see a growth in purchase demand and the number of sales, and a stability in sales prices.

The big cities, in particular Rome, Milan and the central north, should continue to show particularly positive signs, keeping the entire national real estate sector lively.