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The loan of lenders is a very convenient opportunity for all young people aged 18 to 35 years made available. Any young person must face an important expense of any personal nature, he can contact any branch and ask for information, or just enter the dedicated page and from the comfort of home, have all the indications to take advantage of this opportunity. Applicants must be Italian citizens without work, but at least have worked at the time of applying for the loan and have received a salary for at least 18 months in the last two years.

Signature loans online: request your cash today 

In addition, we at offer a further possibility, in fact, anyone who owns services via the Internet, mobile phone and telephone can activate the digital signature service and request the signature loan online. This service is convenient as it allows, not only to request a quote but to enter and send the application together with the documents electronically, signing everything through the digital signature. In any case, for any doubt or for more information or simply to evaluate any option and solution, you can go personally to any branch and be followed by an employee.

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The personal loan is aimed at anyone who has family or personal needs that he cannot support, except for the purchase of real estate or services related to business, commercial and professional activities. The loan varies over a period of time ranging from a minimum of two years to a maximum of ten years, to which must be added the so-called “pre-amortization”, that is, the period from the time the loan is granted to the payment of the first installment.

The documents requested and without preventive costs are:

  • last paycheck
  • last tax return (even in the absence of a recent payslip)
  • further documentation at the discretion of the bank, which can be requested in the creditworthiness assessment phase

The minimum amount that can be financed is 2,000 euros, the maximum is 30,000 euros.

The minimum amount that can be financed is 2,000 euros, the maximum is 30,000 euros.

The installments are paid monthly through a debit on the current account, with a fixed interest rate and in addition, there can be both an early repayment, total or partial, and a postponement of the installments. In the latter case, of course, the funding times will be extended based on the number of installments in multiple requests. Intesa San Polo also offers potential customers the possibility of varying the amount of their installment, reducing or increasing it, even in this case the duration of the loan will vary depending on the change made to the installment. These are just some of the many solutions offered by the lender’s group that for years has been trying to meet customers and young people.