NFL jersey swaps Tide fans want to see in 2020

Alabama soccer players compete against each other in every week of NFL action. What jersey exchanges will we see at the end of the matches?

Alabama football has been an NFL factory since Nick Saban became the head coach of Crimson Tide. He produced a first-round pick in the NFL Draft in all positions outside of special teams, and he continues to produce talent at Tuscaloosa. This latest draft saw four players go to Alabama’s first round.

The beauty of football in Alabama is that Tide players are still Tide players. They might be wearing new shirts, but they’re still family. Because of this, we see family members fighting against each other every week of the regular season.

This camaraderie mingles with an NFL tradition when the clock hits zero. Tide players usually meet on the pitch, catch up and trade match shirts. These jersey swaps are done throughout the NFL, but the Alabama swaps carry a bit more weight. Most swimsuit exchanges are a sign of status or respect. You will see legends giving their jerseys to rookies or receivers trading with cornerbacks. However, it’s more of a memory for the former teammates as they play against each other on the world’s biggest stage.

This season there will be a lot of great clashes between Alabama soccer players. With a new batch of rookies and new schedules, some players will face off against each other for the first time. There’s no guarantee there will be a jersey swap, but here are a few that Crimson Tide fans would love to see happen in chronological order. Let’s start with the first week.

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