NFL Clothes Your Girlfriend Actually Wants

More and more women are becoming loyal NFL fans, which means there’s a good chance your girlfriend will be just as horny as you are about game day. Whether you’re going to a game, watching from the couch, or cheering on your team at a party, they’ll want to have a stylish outfit that shows their support. If you’re thinking of gifting your wife her own outfit as the perfect season ticket accessory, here are some great ideas for keeping your grill girl chic for soccer season.

Warm weather

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It goes without saying that the swimsuits weren’t designed for the female figure (no matter how cute you think yours looks on her). Fortunately, Alyssa Milano (yes, the actress of Who is the boss and Charm) found a solution to this problem. Her line, Touch, which Milano has been designing since 2007, offers a multitude of different styles of sportswear and accessories that are perfect for any woman passionate about sports and fashion.

While swimsuits are generally considered very masculine, Milano has managed to make them girly. These generous cuts, but not too oversized jerseys, are a great example of making traditional sportswear more suitable for women. You can’t go wrong with Black Simple Tank Top from Touch with the logo of his favorite team.

For a maximum of style points, this long dress is the ultimate in game day fashion. Both cute and comfy, this dress is the perfect way for your lady to show her support in a stylish way.

If your girlfriend likes to add a little touch to her look, these t-shirts have a keyhole neckline and semi-open back. It’s perfect for the game and all the festivities that follow.

Mid season

Baltimore Ravens Sweatshirt

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Vintage or retro style sweatshirts are a casual but cool option. Whether it’s a sweater, zip or half zip, with necklines ranging from faux turtle to hoodie, these sweaters are comfortable and offer more warmth than a traditional swimsuit.

Those boat neck sweaters are something she will definitely encourage, regardless of her team. Just warm enough, each fleece sweatshirt has a hoodie-inspired pocket.

Cold temperature

NFL Logo Boots

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No one wants to be cold in their eyes, and there’s nothing that will keep their feet warmer than these Ugg-inspired logo boots. Made from faux fur, they were designed to walk around the stadium in style.

Nothing compliments pretty boots better than this Siberian zipped jacket. It will keep your loved one from feeling the cold with its car length (i.e. below the knee) and water resistant quilted fabric.

In between those two items, not only will she stay warm from head to toe, but everyone will know who their favorite team is.

At home

Bear pajama set

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While there is nothing quite like going to the game, the best thing you can do is enjoy it in the privacy of your own living room. But just because you’re not actually at the game doesn’t mean you can’t dress (or undress) for it. This comfortable pajama set has a tank top and matching plaid flannel pants. As an added bonus, she can pair the tank top with jeans for match day.

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