Looking In The High School Sports Gift Bag

October 31 — There’s a lot going on in high school sports right now.

Take a look at the pages in front of you and you’ll see what I’m talking about. There is football, basketball and softball – oh my god! And we’re just getting started as we move into a whole new month.

First, you’ll see the results of last night’s high school football games. There’s only one regular season game left, and then it’s playoff time in Oklahoma. The competition only intensifies from there – despite the cooling weather – and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Next, you’ll see our McAlester News-Capital All-Area fastpitch softball team. There are a lot of talented athletes in our region, names both on and not on our rosters. I want to congratulate every player this season for battling the elements, the ongoing pandemic and the tough competition you have faced in front of you.

Your season may not have ended the way you would have liked, but you have made a whole bunch of people in your towns and communities so incredibly proud just by featuring the name on the front of this jersey.

So hold your head up high and know that you have made a difference and deserve to be applauded.

And finally, you can check out the previews of the schools that will start their basketball seasons next week.

Non-football schools in Crowder, Haileyville, Indianola, Kiowa, Stuart and Pittsburg will all start the first week of November, embarking on a journey in hopes of reaching Oklahoma’s basketball pinnacle – the tournament of State to the Big Loger.

It’s a long road that will take place in the next few months, but it is also a road filled with adventure. There are so many promises and uncertainties that one cannot help but be delighted with the opportunity presented to them.

So good luck to all of our teams in the region, and I’ll see you all at the gym.

It’s quite the sports pages, eh? And it doesn’t even matter that we have wrestling on the way, and football schools will be switching to basketball in a month’s time as well.

There is so much to look forward to this winter, and plenty to be excited about. As you read these pages leading up to Halloween, know that there is no trick here – only what I hope are some delicious treats ahead as we continue this year of high school athletics.

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