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Former Pittsburgh Steeler and current ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark and recent Radio Hall of Fame inductee Chris “Mad Dog” Russo squared off on Monday’s edition of First takewith a heated exchange between the two.

After a discussion about the Saints wide receiver, Michael Thomas launched into a discussion about whether Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp would be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame if he never played a other game, Clark said of Hall of Fame voters “they have to vote like you (Russo) vote for the Heisman, where you just vote for whoever you want based on whether they’re playing quarterback- back “.

Russo quickly objected to the slight perception.

“Ryan, wait now,” Russo said, louder than normal. “You said something, now I will comment. I voted for the Heisman long before you were born.

“Mad Dog, stop yelling at me now, brother. For the last time, you’re going to stop yelling at me,” Clark interrupted.

“You said something wrong,” Russo said.

“Lower your voice,” the former Steeler interrupted again.

“I’ve been voting for the Heisman since before you were born,” Mad Dog reiterated, with lower volume. “30 years.”

“I don’t care about that,” Clark retorted.

“You say I vote for the Heisman and I don’t deserve a vote. I have been voting for 30 years! Russo started to raise his voice again.

“I never said you didn’t deserve a vote,” Clark replied before clarifying that he disagreed with Russo’s sentiment that the college football award was only given. at quarterbacks.

This isn’t the first time Russo has clashed with First Take contributors. A chat with JJ Reddick went viral earlier this year after Reddick told Russo that former NBA players played with “plumbers and firefighters”.

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