Kelly Ripa praises Mark Consuelos’ “Big Hat Energy” in Tropical Pic with a special nod to her daughter Lola

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, executive producers of Family Reboot on Disney+

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Kelly Ripa loves her husband’s “big hat energy”.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan the co-host shared a photo on Instagram Sunday of Mark Consuelos lounging by the pool. The photo showed the Riverdale the alum’s ripped physique leading to the woven hat, which rested, ahem, just below his torso.

Ripa cheekily captioned the post: “Adequate sun protection? 🌞☀️🕶”

When she later posted the photo to her Instagram Story, Ripa drew attention to Consuelos’ “big hat energy” and added a special nod to the couple’s 21-year-old daughter, Lola via a snippet of her debut single, “Paranoia Silverlining,” and a link to stream the song on Spotify.

Kelly Ripa praises

Kelly Ripa praises Mark Consuelos’ “Big Hat Energy” in Tropical Pic with a special nod to her daughter Lola

Kelly Ripa/Instagram

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Ripa and Consuelos, both 51, happily promoted their daughter’s debut, and Lola recently told PEOPLE they “love” her new single with JoJo.

“My parents are the last people to sugarcoat anything when it comes to my singing. They’ll tell me if it sounds bad,” she said. “So when I saw they had a good reaction and they liked it, I felt reassured.”

Ripa and Consuelos have been married since 1996 and also share sons Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 19. The couple previously shared how their parenting skills have grown stronger over time.

“As you get older and learn more, that younger kid hopefully benefits from a little more wisdom… and hopefully less nerves,” Ripa said in PEOPLE’s 2020 Family Issue.

“I think I had definite ideas about raising girls rather than raising boys, even though I don’t really believe in gender stereotypes,” she continued. “My sons are just as sensitive as my daughter, and my daughter is as strong as my sons.”

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Ripa and Consuelos celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in May. Teasing the secret to her long-lasting marriage, Consuelos jokingly said Squire in 2019: “I learn incredibly slowly, so I feel like I understand.”

“I guess sometimes you see these public marriages end and you’re like, ‘Really?’ It’s pretty awesome to have a life with someone. Of course, I’m not in favor of staying in a horrible marriage. I’m just saying, if you can, maybe wait until it calms down a bit. Wait for the magic to happen.”

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