It’s time for the Muss bus to change gears

Is there a bigger Razorbacks football fan than Eric Musselman? Probably not. The third-year basketball coach has just completed the program’s most successful NCAA tournament since the mid-90s, but the 2021-22 build has hit his toes a lot so far this year. The erupted losses to Oklahoma and Mississippi State and an embarrassing loss in the state to Hofstra were all camouflaged for many Hogs fans by the success of the football team. But it all ended in Tampa.

Frankly, the basketball team is not very good at the moment.

But the key phrase is “right away”. Remember, last year’s team started 1-3 in conference. athleticism Seth davis thinks it’s time to buy Arkansas stocks. As he points out, coaching and talent can correct existing problems.

I would be worried if I thought this team lacked talent, but their main problem has been at the defensive level, and that’s something I think Eric Musselman will be able to fix. It’s also a good sign that transfer super senior 6-6 Stanley Umude, who averaged 21.6 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists for South Dakota last year, enjoyed his best game of the season (19 points, three rebounds, two steals) in the loss to the Bulldogs.

The parts are there for the Muss Bus to start again. Coach Musselman has proven in the past that he can right the ship, so he earned the benefit of the doubt. Even his first team had a lot of ups and downs before putting things together just in time for COVID to end the 2020 season prematurely.

So let’s wait until February before we start grinding our teeth and worrying about the chances of a playoff spot. College basketball is built on tracks. The Hogs have time to regroup and fend for themselves. Maybe it starts tomorrow night against Vandy at Bud Walton Arena.

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