Falcons vs. Dolphins: hats and puzzles tips

Hats are a ‘tippin’ and heads are only briefly scratched in this week’s hat tips and scrapers. I’m trying to get Mike Jones to sponsor the correct versions of these articles, but his old issue doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Hat tips

Fabian Moreau’s first half

Well, that was definitely not planned. Fabian Moreau has had an uneven run as a starter in his first five games in the Atlanta Falcons uniform. The Falcons signed him to a one-year contract with a few veterans to guide high school through a year of transition. It didn’t quite go as planned, with Moreau giving up some big plays to start the season.

He came to play in this one.

Fabian Moreau started his day setting the tone in high school with excellent cover play in the end zone on Miami’s opener to prevent a touchdown. He then defended a pass intended for tight end Mike Gesicki to avoid a first down in the second quarter.

The luge has been tough so far, but the veterans’ turn had some defining moments in the first half.

Ade Ogundeji blocks the basket

Thanks to a collapsed offensive line thanks to defensive tackle Marlon Davidson (honorable mention at the tip of the hat), rookie defenseman Ade Ogundeji was able to break through the front to block Miami kicker Jason Sanders’ 49-yard attempt.

Jaylinn Hawkins eliminates Tua in the red zone. Pass for Durham Smyth. Kept Miami off the board at the end of half-time. The room has kept the dolphins off the board and the momentum from the Falcons side entering the locker room.

Kyle Pitts #content

What a day. What an absolute joy to see this rookie playing football. Considering his true absence on the stats sheet in the first four weeks, it’s a wonder Kyle Pitts is currently sitting on 471 receiving yards and one touchdown. He is the first rookie tight end to total more than 100 consecutive receiving yards since Raymond Chester in 1970.

He’s set to break Mike Ditka’s longtime record for receiving yards from a tight rookie, which sits at 1,076 yards. He set this mark in 1961.

The really awesome thing about Kyle Pitts, however, is what he does with the volume – and the situations the receptions happen in. His highlight on Sunday was obviously his snag in a hand above the shoulder as the defender held his right arm.

The key the catches were the two he made in Atlanta’s last practice to set up Younghoe Koo’s placement to come back and seal the victory.

You’re going to see a lot of Kyle Pitts #content in this weekly feature.

Brain teaser

Matt Ryan’s fumble in the fourth quarter

Disaster: averted, but Matt Ryan’s fumble late in the game almost cost the Falcons the game. Touched by Emmanuel Ogbah six minutes from time, Ryan lost the grip and the Dolphins were able to recover and score on their ensuing attacking push.

It was fusion mode.

No challenge?

Was slightly baffled by Arthur Smith’s (in) decision not to challenge Miami wide receiver Jaylen Waddle’s capture in the fourth quarter. The dolphins rushed over to the line so he maybe didn’t have time and waited for a word on the replay and just couldn’t get the flag ready in time – but he seemed close enough in time. real to at least warrant a second look.

It was definitely a bang-bang game, but it didn’t look like Waddle could have lowered both feet to complete the capture. Water under the bridge at this point, however, as the Falcons overcame the Dolphin’s late rally to win the contest and tie 3-3 on the season.

Caroline next door.

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