Elijah Hicks revealed a wild secret about his bear draft hat

Nine picks before the end of the NFL Draft, Elijah Hicks was still waiting for a miracle. The California safety had played so well in 2021 for his team, then a brutally timed injury ruined his chance to shine in the East-West Shrine Game and Cal pro day. Not to mention a possible invitation to combined scouting. So many talented prospects have had their draft dreams ruined by such bad luck. Then, at the 11th hour, his phone rang. The Chicago Bears asked him if he was ready to join them.

Hicks was more than pleased. The excitement and relief was palpable during a video expressing his gratitude to the team for choosing him. He was so pumped up that he literally got down and did push-ups while clapping. It was quite a spectacle. Still, people might be shocked to learn how crazy this story gets. According to him, before the draft, his girlfriend went out and bought hats for every NFL team. Wherever he ended up, he wanted to be prepared.

This is where it goes well.

Hicks had met with the Bears before the draft and felt that everything had gone well. By a strange coincidence, the hat he had bought them was the one placed directly in front of the TV while he was watching the show. Sure enough, he was able to grab it when the call finally came. It’s almost like it was fate.

One thing is certain. Elijah Hicks is easy to encourage. The guy endured a lot to get where he is now. He grew up with little financial stability, worked his way through college, and became an incredible representative of the school, not only on the field, but also in his charity work. When the Bears talk about wanting to add guys with passion and character, that’s what they mean. We can only hope that he will have the opportunity to show what he can do.

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