Butte’s own Colt Anderson gearing up for Super Bowl trip | Regional

BUTTE, Mont. – Butte, America, home to great people, America’s oldest Chinese restaurant, and Noranchi Stadium where Colt Anderson’s Super Bowl journey began.

Anderson is a special teams coach for the Bengals, so we drove to Butte and spoke to his family to see if the mining town changed its battle cry to WHODAYY.

“I’m looking for the kids to practice and play as hard as they can,” said Anderson High School coach Greg Salo. “It was my job to get them to play at their best. [ability].”

Salo is a legend in his own right. He played football at the University of Montana, coached football at MSU, and for the most part coached football for every kid who came through Butte High School for the past two decades.

One of those kids is Butte’s own Colt Anderson.

“He was one of the best players we had,” Salo said. “We knew he was going to be one of our best players.”

The reason is, says Salo, the spirit Butte, America.

“Just to show his drive and initiative he walked to UM, he always had a chip on his shoulder and had to prove his ability to play,” Salo said. “After [his] career at UM, he struggled and gave up in professional football.

Colt comes from a large Butte family. He’s one of four children, and his dad says all of his kids are outstanding but grounded, giving all the credit to their hometown.

“It was just Butte, Montana. We’re a close community,” Colts father Mike Anderson said. “We support each other. I think Colt realized that at a young age we are very lucky to live in Butte, Montana.

Although he grew up in Butte, his father says Colt grew up as a Dolphins fan. Today though, he is a Bengal, and his father says Colt has remained humble despite the success.

“He’s certainly been blessed with the number of people who have been around him, and what I’m most proud of is that he appreciates that,” Anderson said. “He realizes it wasn’t him, there are a lot of people in his circle who coached him and to this day he still strives to be the best and keeps his ears open and [will] hope to continue to grow.

All of her siblings give back to the community in one way or another. Colt regularly coaches at Butte High School and gives seminars to children, and he and his brother Luke co-own a business called Uptop Clothing.

The clothing business generates money for the area and creates jobs as well as charitable donations in the community of Butte.

His other brother bought and maintains the legacy of a restaurant in Missoula called the Mo Club.

“All my kids, there’s nothing better than when someone comes up and says you know your kid is a super kid,” Anderson said. “I hope everyone feels good about Colt, Bo, Luke and Brianna and certainly Michelle and I are very proud of them.”

It’s really hard to go anywhere in Butte and find someone who doesn’t feel the same way about the Anderson kids.

“I think the fact that he grew up in Butte helped him a lot, a lot. I think there are two main things:

How he was raised [and ] how his parents raised him. He’s not just a good football player and a good coach, he’s a good person,” Salo said, “I think being from Butte contributed to all of those factors.”

Colt Anderson, the kid from Butte, the former grizzly superstar and NFL phenom who gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

We asked his dad after the game what the next step was.

“When we win this super bowl, we’re going to Disneyland,” Anderson said.

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