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Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code Gives Free NFL Jersey, $ 5,000 Risk-Free Bet Today

With the NFL Week 3 action now here, there are a number of great bonuses available at major online sports betting sites, but no offer beats that provided with the latest Caesars Sportsbook promo code.

With the best Caesars Sportsbook promo code, new bettors can bet on NFL Week 3 action and take advantage of a number of great promotions. Not only will the code unlock a risk-free first bet of $ 5,000, those who bet at least $ 100 on today’s games will receive a free NFL jersey and a super boost that offers exceptional value.

Sunday’s schedule includes a number of early season games that could have major playoff implications months away. The Rams and Bucs face off in late Sunday afternoon, but key competitions between the Patriots-Saints, Colts-Titans, are making headlines in a handful of other compelling competitions.

Those looking to bet on the action can do so with the best Caesars Sportsbook promo code, which offers some of the best on NFL Week 3 Betting Promotions on the market.

Click here and use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code BROADXLRF to unlock a $ 5,000 Risk Free bet and NFL jersey.

The best Caesars Sportsbook promo code for NFL week 3

Before we get into the risk-free $ 5,000 bet and NFL jersey offers, let’s first look at a unique odds increase for Week 3.

The 0-2 Giants are in a win-win mode and enter their clash with the Falcons as a near-field favorite. Caesars Sportsbook gives bettors the ability to double their money with +100 odds on the Giants to win the game instantly. Forget the point spread and get exceptional value with this boost.

In total, Caesars Sportsbook offers 51 different odds increases for all of the NFL Week 3 games, including:

  • David Montgomery scores the first TD (+750)
  • Justin Fields over 209.5 passing yards and 1.5 passing touchdowns (+1200)
  • Saquon Barkley on 61.5 rushing yards and 2.5 receptions (+180)

In other words, if there’s a big-name player in a game you love today, this Caesars Sportsbook promo code (LARGEXLRF) will get you there.

The Caesars Sportsbook Free Bet and NFL Jersey Specials

Caesars Sportsbook has been ultra-aggressive with its televised presence throughout the first few weeks of the NFL regular season. As he seeks to join industry giants like DraftKings and FanDuel at the top of many legal online sports betting markets, he has stepped out of the gates with a number of ads.

In those announcements, you may have noticed that the app offers a risk-free first bet of $ 5,000. While it might be a bit steep for some, it’s worth nothing that this bonus offers 5 times more benefits than similar offers on other top apps. However, a bettor can deposit and place a risk-free bet of as little as $ 10.

The other bonus put forward is a free NFL jersey offer. Time is running out to grab this special offer, which simply requires $ 100 to bet on Week 3 matches. This can be achieved by a single bet or by multiple bets. Once the threshold is reached, Caesars will email a $ 150 gift card to NFL Shop. This reward can be used towards the purchase of an authentic NFL jersey or any other equipment available online.

How to start

If you would like to register and pick up the Caesars Sportsbook app, be sure to use the status-based links on this page and enter the promo code LARGEXLRF.

Get Caesars Sportsbook in New Jersey (click here), Michigan (here), Virginia (here), Tennessee (here), Colorado (here), Indiana (here), Arizona (here).

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Caesars Sportsbook Offers Last Chance NFL Jersey Offer and $ 5,000 Risk-Free Bet –

Photo credit: Craig Dudek

Week three of the NFL season kicks off tonight with the Carolina Panthers vs. the Houston Texans, and Caesars Sportsbook has a fantastic pair of Week 3 promotions. New users can get the biggest first bet offer risk free, while all users can get an NFL jersey of their choice simply by betting on NFL games until the end of this month.

Caesars Sportsbooks is offering potential bettors a risk-free first bet of $ 5,000, as well as a final week to win an NFL jersey by betting over $ 100 on NFL games in September.

Caesars Sportsbook launched with arguably the best pair of promotions found at any legal online bookmaker, offering new users the biggest risk-free bet anywhere with a value of up to $ 5,000, as well as ‘an offer for a new NFL jersey just to bet $ 100 or more on NFL games in September.

Click here to sign up for Caesars Sportsbook if you are in Colorado, here for Arizona, here for Virginia, here for Michigan, here for New Jersey, here for Tennessee and here for Indiana.

NFL Caesars Sportsbook Jersey Offer

Of all the promotions that legal online sports betting offers, there is perhaps no better deal than Caesars Sportsbook’s NFL jersey promo. Bettors who plan to bet $ 100 or more on NFL games this weekend can earn an NFL jersey of their choice as an added incentive.

When this promotion launched before Week 1, potential bettors knew they had until September 30 to place a total of at least $ 100 on NFL stock this month. Week 3 represents the value of the last week of NFL action to bet on. It is important to note that the $ 100 threshold that bettors must meet to get a jersey is a running total that can be achieved by combining any number of small NFL Week 3 bets as long as they settle by the 30th. September 2021 and total at least $ 100. .

Note: Futures bets are excluded from this offer. Moneyline, point spread, over / under, and in-game live betting with odds of -200 or better will count towards the $ 100 threshold.

$ 5,000 risk-free first bet

Any potential bettor weighing the various legal online sports betting options will undoubtedly come across a number of risk-free first bet offers. The main difference between Caesars Sportsbook’s offering and that of its competitors is the financial benefit.

Most legal online sports betting has a limit set on their risk-free bet of $ 500 or $ 1,000. Caesars Sportsbook’s $ 5,000 risk-free first bet offer absolutely exceeds this mark with the largest offering in the industry.

New users who register and take advantage of the $ 5,000 Risk Free bet will get insurance on their first bet up to $ 5,000. If a bettor places a $ 300 bet on the Broncos to win this weekend but loses, Caesars Sportsbook will refund the user’s account for $ 300 in site credit.

How to register with Caesars Sportsbook

To take advantage of these promotions from Caesars Sportsbook, bettors will need to create a new account. The process only takes a few minutes.

  • Click any status link that matches your state from the list above or below.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • Make a first deposit to qualify for the NFL jersey and risk-free first bet promotions of $ 5,000.
  • Go for the “Bet $ 100, get a free NFL jersey” promotion via the promotions tab.
  • Sign up to become a member of Caesars Rewards, which is free and offers many benefits.
  • Place a total of $ 100 or more on Week 3 NFL games that settle by September 30, 2021.

When you reach the $ 100 NFL betting threshold, Caesars Sportsbook will send a $ 150 gift card to be used towards the purchase of the NFL jersey of your choice.

Users must be at least 21 years old and physically located within the state limits of the app you select. Keep in mind that this is the last week to take advantage of Caesars Sportsbook’s NFL jersey offer.

To register on Caesars Sportsbook, click here if you are in Colorado, here for Arizona, here for Virginia, here for Michigan, here for New Jersey, here for Tennessee and here for Indiana.

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Get a Free NFL Jersey and $ 5,000 Risk Free Bet on Caesars Sportsbook

Kyle scott | 44 minutes ago

The NFL regular season is finally here and you can welcome professional football back in style with a new offering from Caesars Sportsbook. Those planning to bet on the action this month can score a free jersey from any NFL team just to bet on the games, while new players can also take advantage of the largest sportsbook offering. risk-free legal online.

Get a free NFL jersey just for playing on Caesars Sportsbook and bet risk-free with a bet of $ 5,000 to register and make a first deposit.

The best online sportsbooks always offer great incentives for new and current players, especially during the high-leverage weeks when betting peaks.

These operators want to attract new players and win the business of those already registered. To do this, they not only need cutting-edge products, but also strong offers. Enter Caesars Sportsbook, which recently rebranded William Hill, which has both.

Caesars Sportsbook is available in a variety of states. Use the links above or below to get started.

Get that promotion in Tennessee here, Virginia here, Colorado here, Michigan here, Indiana here, New Jersey here, and Iowa here.

If you are prompted to enter a promotional code, simply enter: SUDRF

Get a Free NFL Jersey with Caesars Sportsbook

If you are wondering why Caesars Sportsbook comes to the table with two aggressive incentives, the answer is rather simple and straightforward. Rival operators like DraftKings and FanDuel have enjoyed resounding success and Caesars Sportsbook is looking to join the ranks of the industry’s elite players.

To achieve this, Caesars recently launched a relentless advertising campaign on television and online. But it doesn’t go any further, so Caesars Sportsbook is gearing up for the NFL regular season – and the betting rush that comes with it – by offering a pair of bright promotions.

How to get a free NFL jersey from Caesars Sportsbook

Let’s talk about the NFL jersey offer first.

New and former Caesars Sportsbook players who bet at least $ 100 on NFL games this month will receive a free NFL jersey. This bonus will be paid with a $ 150 credit to towards the purchase of an authentic jersey. A few quick notes on this stage:

The threshold of $ 100 required to receive the jersey can be reached in several ways. Bettors can place a single bet of $ 100, or they can space it out with a number of bets in smaller amounts.

In addition, bettors now have until 09/30 to reach this number. There is no catch – as long as the qualifying bets are settled before the end of the month (no Super Bowl or MVP bets) then you are good to go. All bets placed on Weeks 1-3 of the NFL Regular Season will do so.

Bet risk free and register

While the above offer is available to new and former Caesars Sportsbook members, those who register now can enter a risk-free bet of $ 5,000, more than five times the value of RFBs. similar.

Simply register using one of the links on this page. Make a first deposit and bet risk free. In order to place a risk free bet of $ 5,000, a deposit of $ 5,000 will be required. However, deposits of as little as $ 10 can be made to make a risk free bet.

Get that promotion in Tennessee here, Virginia here, Colorado here, Michigan here, Indiana here, New Jersey here, and Iowa here.

If you are prompted to enter a promotional code, simply enter: SUDRF

Caesars sports betting

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New NFL jersey rules allow some players to pick new numbers – if they pay

In April, the NFL announced it was relaxing one of its rules regarding the numbers players can wear. It now allows tight ends, wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs to wear single-digit numbers, a privilege that was previously reserved for quarterbacks, punters and kickers.

Many players have expressed interest because there is a lot of identity in the numbers that NFL athletes wear. Unlike baseball and basketball players, football players wear a helmet most of the time.

“We don’t see their faces during games,” said Kevin Seifert, NFL national editor for ESPN. “We don’t necessarily know what a lot of NFL players look like if we just watch them in games, but their numbers are very recognizable.”

Some players just prefer lower numbers, arguing that they make them appear faster or stronger. These changes will encourage serious fans to purchase jerseys with the new numbers, often at $ 120 apiece.

Over the past four decades, jerseys have become a real source of income for the league and its players.

“Players receive two-thirds of the money generated from the sale of shirts,” said Dan Kaplan, editor-in-chief of Athletic. “The other third goes to the union. And the union is putting some of that aside in a pool for all NFL players. “

This means that even third-string linemen who don’t sell a lot of jerseys will still receive a check at the end of the season.

But there’s a catch with these new jerseys: The NFL has long demanded that players who request new numbers get their hands in their pockets and pay for the old jerseys.

“If it was a player’s choice to do it, then he should be responsible for purchasing the inventory with his name on it,” said Jack Mills, who has been an NFL agent for 50 years. Mills said he hasn’t had to advise any of his clients about a jersey change, but he’s not sure it would ever be a good decision.

“If they have to buy a large stock, I think it wouldn’t make sense,” he said. “Unless they somehow thought they were going to sell a lot of them just because they changed shirts.”

The NFL has told players they should pay full retail price for the old jerseys.

“Not even a discount for friends and family, no sort of bulk buying,” said Mike Florio, editor of and author of the book “Playmakers: How the NFL Really Works (and Doesn ‘t ).

Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook has considered changing his number from 33 to 4, but he already has a lot of officially licensed gear with “33,” which ultimately doesn’t make sense. .

“The price that was quoted to Dalvin Cook landed in a range of $ 1.5 million,” said Florio.

This is what it would cost Cook to purchase the products sold at official league outlets. But some small retailers would remain in possession of the bag.

Vivian Ramirez runs a store called Locker Room of Downey with her husband. It’s south of Los Angeles, so they sell a lot of equipment for Rams and Chargers. She said the store orders jerseys from the league’s official wholesaler at least a year in advance.

“So it’s a bit of a gamble. You are making an investment, ”Ramirez said. And if a player changes their number, the store must bear the cost.

“People get a little angry. ‘Oh, you change [the] number.’ Now all the salespeople, all the retailers like us, we’re just like, “Oh, now we’re sitting on that number and you weren’t even a popular player,” she said.

Then there is the question of what happens to all those old jerseys. Send them to a landfill? Start a dumpster fire?

LA Rams wide catcher Robert Woods, who goes from 17 to 2, received advice from Rewilder, a sustainable design company focused on recycling – turning old things into new products, like making backpacks or bags. jackets from old jerseys.

“It’s a big part of that – the educational component for the fans, in terms of how to be more sustainable in life,” said Jenny Silbert, founder of the company.

Woods hasn’t decided what to do with the old jerseys, but he’s committed to having the number changed now. Even if he chose to wait until next season, he wouldn’t have to buy the inventory of old jerseys.

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Top 5 NFL Returning Jersey Designs

The Green Bay Packers have unveiled their new comeback jerseys for the 2021 NFL season. Inspired by the uniform that the historic franchise wore in the 1950s, it is obvious.

The new green and gold design is much improved over the recent retro ACME Packers units they have worn. Who can forget the brown helmet and blue jersey Aaron Rodgers and co wore in 2011?

More and more teams are set to reveal their classic NFL uniforms, which got us thinking about what comeback jerseys we want to see return to the league in 2021.

Now spoiler alert, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers “creamsicle” jersey is not on the list. NFL fans either love it or hate it and let’s just say we prefer their current red and black color scheme.

Let’s take a look at the best in NFL fashion and imagine today’s stars wearing these uniforms in 2021 and beyond.

# 5 – Seattle Seahawks

The new Seahawks uniforms are eye-catching, especially the all-neon green Nike rush design. But it would be great to see Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf and Jamal Adams wearing the classic 1980s Seattle jersey.

The white design with green and blue trims is a Seattle Seahawks classic. Add the cool silver helmet with the retro logo and you are close to perfect.

# 4 – Bison tickets

Nothing screams the early ’90s more than the Buffalo Bills blue NFL jersey. The Bills are enjoying a renaissance under the leadership of head coach Sean McDermott and quarterback Josh Allen. So now is the perfect time to bring back the uniform that defined the team’s most dominant era in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills

It would be great to see the Bills finally lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy with a nod to their heartbreaking past.

# 3 – Cincinnati Bengals

Who doesn’t love tigers? Bengal tigers are some of the coolest big cats on the planet. Cincinnati is expected to bring back its tiger-style jersey design from the 1980s.

The jerseys in which QB Boomer Esiason led the franchise to the Super Bowl are legendary. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase would look great with this model in 2021.

# 2 – The Denver Broncos

Listen to REM’s song “Orange Crush” because we’re talking about the classic Denver Broncos Orange Crush design from the 1980s.

When you think of John Elway, you have to think of the Professional Football Hall of Fame quarterback wearing that jersey.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos
Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos

The Broncos may not have a QB star yet, but this jersey will help their fans remember the glory they spent under Elway.

# 1 – The San Diego Chargers

Ok so the team has moved to the City of Angels but that doesn’t mean they have to ignore their past. Especially their magnificent powder blue swimsuits from the 1970s.

Fortunately, Nike recently brought back a similar design for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The distinctive color scheme is synonymous with the NFL franchise and harmonizes perfectly with the blue sky of LA. It’s the perfect “boss’s kiss”.

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The Patriots have no top 50 player in NFL jersey and merchandise sales; Tom Brady tops the list – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady jerseys continue to sell like crazy. Patriots jerseys? Not really.

The NFLPA announced the March-May Player Sales List, a list that ranks players by sales of “officially licensed NFL player products and merchandise.”

READ MORE: Hurley’s Picks: Everyone Seems To Have It All Wrong In The Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Relationship

Buccaneers quarterback and reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady came in at number one, as people continue to buy gear after his 21st season. It’s a kind of endurance.

The list goes on to include the top 50 players in the league in terms of merchandise sales, and none of them play for the New England Patriots. It’s interesting.

(If interested, the NFLPA has listed items outside of jerseys that are included in the data: collectible cards, t-shirts and hoodies, backpacks, wall decals, pennants, collectible figures, matted photos and framed, figurines, soft toys, glasses, pet products, etc.)

READ MORE: ‘It’s crazy’: Tom Brady’s return to Gillette stadium drives up ticket prices

Obviously, the Patriots were one of the biggest draws of all sports during the heyday of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era. This has resulted in busy prime-time schedules, insane TV ratings, annual trips to the conference championship game and, of course, lots of jersey sales.

Things changed quickly, however, after Brady’s departure as a free agent. Rob Gronkowski – who came out of retirement to join Brady in Tampa – was a bankable star for the Patriots, and he still is. He ranked No. 9 on the NFLPA list. Julian Edelman was also a popular choice among fans, but he retired this offseason.

Still, the roster is dominated by quarterbacks, and with Cam Newton struggling last year, and Mac Jones not yet having a jersey number, the Patriots have no one on the roster. A 7-9 season in a COVID year has certainly led to mixed enthusiasm in terms of purchasing gear and memorabilia.

NO MORE NEWS: Revolution Defeat CF Montreal, 4-1

This isn’t necessarily an ultimate goal in terms of assessing the popularity of the local football team, but it’s definitely something not to take as the team tries to get back into the national conversation in 2021. .

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Carl Nassib reportedly has best-selling NFL jersey on fanatics after going gay

Top line

Since becoming gay, the Las Vegas Raider Carl Nassib jersey has been the best-selling NFL gear on Fanatics, according to ESPN.


Fans picked up more defensive lineman jerseys from the Fanatics merchandise platform than any other NFL player on Monday and Tuesday, ESPN Adam schefter reported.

Nassib came out as gay in an Instagram post on Monday, making him the NFL’s first openly gay active player.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced it would match a $ 100,000 donation made by Nassib to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit crisis and suicide prevention organization for LGBT youth.

The fanatics did not immediately return a request for comment from Forbes.

Key context

Nassib’s announcement was met with support from the league and several of his colleagues. “The NFL family are proud of you Carl,” the NFL tweeted in response to Nassib’s video, and a handful of Nassib’s Raiders teammates like Darius Stills and Maxx Crosby have posted messages of support. “I’m a pretty private person, so I hope you know I’m really not doing this for attention,” Nassib said in the video. “I just think representation and visibility are so important.” All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam became gay before he was drafted in 2014, but never played in a regular-season game until he was released from the St. Louis Rams after a year. A handful of NFL players came out, but after leaving the league, like David Kopay, Roy Simmons and Esera Tuaolo.

Further reading

Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders becomes the only active NFL player to say he’s gay (Forbes)

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Penei Sewell looks like she has her NFL jersey number

The photos of the Detroit Lions’ first organized team activity practice have been released, and they solve one of the team’s biggest mysteries out of season. Lions first-round pick Penei Sewell, who missed the rookies minicamp due to a positive COVID-19 test, wore a Lions jersey for the first time on the field, finally revealing his jersey number: 58.

This jersey number matches the one he had in Oregon. His timing in the NFL is perfect, as the league recently changed the jersey number rules that now allow offensive linemen other than crosses to wear jersey numbers in the 50-59 range. Previously, guards and tackles were only allowed to wear numbers between 60 and 79.

Of course, Sewell assuming number 58 raises another question: What number will linebacker Jamie Collins Sr. wear in 2021? Last year Collins wore number 58, but due to new NFL rules he will be able to change ports any number between 10-59 (or 90-99). He has also previously worn the numbers 51 in Cleveland (currently owned by Jahlani Tavai) and 91 (held by John Penisini last year).

But before you go out shopping for a Sewell 58 jersey, remember that all of that is subject to change. Players often change jersey numbers after the cuts in August, and nothing is official from the team yet. He’s still numberless on the Lions website and they still sell # 1 generic jerseys in the team store. That being said, the signs are that Sewell is keeping his college number at the NFL level.

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Raiders’ Josh Jacobs and Derek Carr among NFL top-selling jerseys

The Raiders’ inaugural season in Las Vegas proved to be fruitful for two of the team’s key players.

Second-year running back Josh Jacobs and star quarterback Derek Carr officially licensed merchandise made it to the top 50 best-selling NFL players, according to a list released Tuesday by the NFL Players Association.

Jacobs narrowly missed being in the top 10, coming in at No. 11, with Carr lower on the list at No. 44. The list represented sales between March 1, 2020 and February 28 of this year.

Both players made jumps from their spots reported by the NFL last year. Jacobs has moved up 22 spots from his 33rd ranking on the 2020 list. Carr jumped from No.49.

The merchandise ranged from jerseys, t-shirts, action figures and action figures to digital and unconventional categories such as pet products.

Player gear could be found on multiple websites online and locally at various outlets including The Raider Image and big box retailers such as Target.

The roster was dominated by reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, followed by Chiefs QB star Patrick Mahomes, former Ravens MVP Lamar Jackson and Dolphins rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa. Aaron Rodgers of the Packers, the 2020 NFL MVP, completed the top five.

Contact Mick Akers at [email protected] or 702-387-2920. To follow @mickakers on Twitter.

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Notes: Disney licenses Star Wars and Marvel-themed NFL clothing

If you are a Lions fan who also enjoys the Star Wars or Marvel-owned Disney superhero franchises and for some reason you wish you could have a shirt with the Lions name stamped in front of your favorite heroes, you are in luck. ! According to NFL Communications, Disney and the NFL have “joined forces” with Junk Food Clothing to launch a draft clothing series. The official league version describes the product line as retro designs as follows:

“The Mickey QB” T-Shirt – Mickey Mouse strikes a quarterback pose in NFL team uniforms.

“The Avengers Throwback” T-Shirt – The 1970s comic book character art of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk accompanies the names of the NFL teams in the iconic slanted font.

NFL team names redrawn to honor the title script font Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on two different models:

The “The Rebels Team” t-shirt features the characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia,

The “The Empire Team” t-shirt features the characters Darth Vader, Boba Fett and stormtroopers.

Edward Pevos of MLive explored the Fanatics store site for examples of all available items. Its story incorporates images of all the products. While the designs are all relatively docile and harmless, none of them seem to make much sense as a collaborative product. Only the Mickey QB t-shirt really has any mix of properties, with the famous cartoon mouse falling backwards while wearing a Lions uniform. The other shirts are just group photos of characters from the Disney franchise with the names of the teams in front of them.

What makes Darth Vader juxtaposed next to the name of a cool NFL team? Hulk and Thor? I understand money foreclosures and can respect companies trying to see what they can charge money for, but the explanation given in the NFL Communications release is funny:

“We’re always looking for ways to interact with our fans in new and unexpected ways, and this collaboration with the NFL allows us to do just that,” said Josh Silverman, Executive Vice President, Third Party Marketing, Disney Consumer Products , Games and Edition. “Fans can now celebrate their favorite teams and characters from Disney, Marvel and Star wars, and all in time for the start of the 2021 NFL season. “

Obviously there has been these mashup products offered in the past, but at least in those there was some effort to mix the themes to play the franchise with which we have partnered. For example, there was a sheet of multipurpose decals from a few years ago that I actually bought a few copies (they were low priced and on clearance, i can’t imagine why) in the Fanatics store a long time ago. In those decals, at least, they were trying to make jokes like “play like a Jedi” or “Come to the Lions side” instead of the dark side. Same contraband stuff at least try a little.

This thing though? Not really. Let’s move on to the rest of today’s notes:

  • The Detroit Lions still need a wide receiver pool, and West Michigan’s D’Wayne Eskridge could be available midway through the next draft. Athletic’s Nick Baumgardner wrote an in-depth profile on Eskridge (subscription required) which caught the eye:
  • Our own Erik Schlitt was the guest of WNSP 105.5 ‘s Late Wednesday afternoon sports radio show The Game Plan with Dave Schultz and Stephen Root to talk about what the Lions will do in the draft. You can listen to today’s entire program in an online web player. The segment with Erik starts at 1:21:10 and is about 12 minutes long, so it’s a good chunk of draft content to consume.
  • In case you are worried:
  • Interesting note of the rule change “players can wear crazy numbers now”:

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