Australian Open price revealed as tennis prepares for first Grand Slam of 2022

How much money is the Australian Open on offer for players in the first Grand Slam of 2022? Is there a difference between male and female players?

Finally, the drama off the pitch can come to an end as the sport on the pitch takes center stage in Melbourne over the next two weeks.

The first Grand Slam was overshadowed by the fact that Novak Djokovic was detained, released, re-detained and ultimately deported from Australia after the federal court upheld the Australian Minister for Immigration’s decision to cancel his visa a second time.

Djokovic was aiming for a record 10th Australian Open title in Melbourne – a title that would have seen him eclipse arch-rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as the most successful male player of all.

But Djokovic is no longer in Australia, as the focus turns to those who actually are.

What is the prize money offered for the Australian Open? How does this compare to past years for players – and what is the split between male and female offerings?

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Australian Open prize money revealed

In total, a prize pool of A$75 million – or £39.5 million in British pounds is up for grabs as Australian Open prize money.

Male and female players will win an equal amount for singles – with a slight increase in the Australian Open 2022 prize pool compared to this time 12 months ago.

Some players will have already gone through three qualifying rounds to qualify for the tournament itself – with singles players winning around $107,500 ASD or around £56,500 GBP.

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Naomi Osaka | Official trailer | netflix





A breakdown of the Australian Open prize money is below.

  • First round – $90,000 – £47,400 GBP
  • Second round – $140,000 – £73,800
  • Third round – $180,000 – £94,900
  • Fourth round – $300,000 – £158,000
  • Quarter-finals – $600,000 – £316,000
  • Semi-finals – $1.1m – £580,000
  • Finalist – $2.2m – £1.16m
  • Winner – $4.4m – £2.32m

In 2021, Australian Open winners – Djokovic (men) and Naomi Osaka (women) pocketed ASD$2.75 million as prize money.

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And the doubles?

For the doubles tournaments, winners can expect a prize of $800,000 ASD or around £421,000 GBP.

The 2022 Australian Open mixed doubles offers a prize money of ASD$190,000 to the winners, or around £100,000 GBP.

How does it compare to other Grand Slam tournaments?

The Australian Open is always the Grand Slam with the most offers for players.

The US Open offers around $70m ASD to players or £36.9m.

Wimbledon is third best at a shade under the $70m mark, with the French Open at Roland Garros offering $59m ASD or £31.1m.

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